Sunday, April 22, 2007

John Edwards 08: Strenth and Courage

It was in the 2004 Vice Presidential debates that i first realized what kind of man John Edwards is. His intelligent remarks and rebuttal to everything Cheney had to say was confident, straightforward and honest. There was something about him, a charisma, that could not be found in that of his running mate. I wonder to this day if the ticket had been the other way around and Edwards had been in the foreground if things would have turned out any different. Its all speculation anyway, but now is the time to focus on the future.

It takes great courage to face what Edwards and his wife Elizabeth are going through, and have gone through and that no doubt will affect their campaign regardless of whether they wish it too. However in all of this media attention about his wife's condition, the bond between them has been shown to be the most powerful love we have seen in any would be First Couple since Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy. And in this day and age America strives to become united, to become more like a family. A Strong first couple would be good for the Religious right in showing unity and abiding to gods laws. Guilliani and Hillary Clinton don't paint the prettiest pictures of marriage, and we have only seen glimpses of Obama and his wife.

Other than the bonds of love being shown, one thing we see from the Edward's cancer ordeal and the loss of their son, is the most important characteristic a President can have: Strength. Hillary Clintons is a strong, independent woman, but her refusal to admit her Iraq War vote was a mistake will always make her weak to some. Obama has given into vices like Cigarettes, Cocaine and his will has never been truly tested in his time in the Senate. I'm not saying that Edwards has faced much in his time as a Senator either, but its his time since leaving the Senate that has been the most effective. As a citizen Edwards has accomplished more than most Senators accomplish in a year. Starting the One Corps to eliminate poverty, working at rebuilding post-Katrina New Orleans and working to make America greener. It is for this reason that i support John Edwards. He has not been barred down with Party politics for the past two years and has been able to do more because of that, and has shown what issues he truly has a concern in

With all the other candidates we only see them playing politics, occasionally speaking on behalf of a bill that might be blocked by the opposing party due to lack of votes. Its a horrible system that makes pawns out of great men and women, and it does nothing to show us the virtues of our would be leaders. John Edwards is someone who has worked in the system and has realized he can accomplish more outside of it, or over it. With the power of the president John Edwards could use his already in action programs to fight poverty, help rebuild Katrina, enforce stricter gun laws in the wake of Virgina Tech, and work to improve the environment. Edwards has the courage to work outside the system without fear of political bias, and the strength to fight through personal problems and long drawn out campaigns and still come out with a good relationship with his wife, and a strong focus on the issues he holds dear.

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