Friday, January 30, 2009

Books on the Israel-Palestine conflict

Despite all the books ive read, i can never claim to be an expert on the catastrophe going on in the middle east. I can however, make a few suggestions for those looking to further their knowledge based upon what I have read

Witness In Palestine
by Anna Baltzer

A fantastic book from a Jewish womans perspective as she visits The West Bank *yes, i realize that is not Gaza* and sees the Israeli occupation and its horrors first hand. Fantastic pictures, horrific tales and proof that this struggle is not Judiasm vs Islam

Islamic Societies in Practice
by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Islam for dummies. A basic guide of the cultural, religous and political influence of the Islamic faith. Also incorporates a great deal about the relationship between "The Arab World" and the West as well as where Fluer-Lobban sees the future of US-Arab relations. I had the privledge of taking a course with Mrs. Lobban and was blown away by her looney lefthood, I have yet to convice her to publish on this blog however.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
by Ilan Pappe

As its title indicates, this is not a pro-Isreal book, however its information and insight are incredibly valide. Somewhat dense for your casual reader, this book is extremely informative on the history of Isreal from outside specators point of view.

The Lost Years
by Charles Enderlin

As a resident of Jerusalme, Charles Enderlin has some perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He also has knowledge of the events left out of the mainstream media, and a superior knowledge of the military roots of the conflict between Isreal and Palestine

Power, Faith and Fantasy
by Michael B. Oren

This book is not about Isreal and Palestine, it is about America's histroy with the Middle East. However this book, which reads like a novel, tells the story of Americans long conflict with Arabs since the days of the Barbary wars. Absolutely superb writting crafts this remarkable tale, which certinally gives us insight into our relationship with the middle east today

The Israel Lobby And U.S. Foreign Policy
by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt

Orignally published as an article in the London Review of Books, this caused a lot of contreversy. As it should! This points the most fundamental flaw in the United States negotionations with the Middle East, our biased view towards Israel. Even in the face of their mounting war crimes and bigotry America still stands by Isreal till the last, this book points out the terrors of that relationship and how they have come to call

So thats its, other recomendations not as strongy endorsed are Jihad vs. McWorld by Benjamin Barber (VERY DENSE) and Invisible Nation by Quil Lawrence (more about the Kurds than the Israel-Palestine conflict)