Monday, February 12, 2007

Gore 2008: Can He Win the Nomination?

The Democratic Nomination for President will not be easily won by anyone; unless of course, Al Gore decides to toss his hat into the ring. The Former Vice-President turned celebrity has said publicly that he will not be running for President in 08', but that hasn't stopped the great Media Machine. Rolling Stone Magazine in their January 23rd issue contained an Article interviewing the former Presidential Candidate, and at the same time focusing on why he would be a valued candidate. "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" has had two segments focusing on the possibility of a Gore run, and sites like and are popping up everywhere. Olberman himself even stated on air that Gore admitted if enough people asked him, he would run.

The Democratic playing field got more crowded today with the long awaited announcement of Bill Richardson announcing his running, completely overshadowing the announcement of that Obama guy...In all seriousness, Richardson is a perfect candidate for president. He is a former Secretary of Energy, Former Ambassador to the UN and former US Representative, an ideal candidate with superior knowledge of how to deal with many of our Nations most pressing issues. Richardson's only problem is, as i so not-so-coyly indicated is that no one knows who he is. With the field already crowded with Obama, Clinton, Edwards and now Biden there is just no room for a lowly Governor from New Mexico, no matter how experienced he is.

Enter Oscar Nominee, Al Gore. As Former Senator, Former US Representative, Former Vice President and world renowned enviormentalist Gore possesses all the experience that Obama and Edwards lack. With the success of An Inconvenient Truth Gore has wiped all remaining views of him as "Stiff" or "Boring" and has presented the world with a new, fresh Al Gore. An Al Gore with a positive public image is not a candidate to be scoffed at, and he could be a legitimate threat to any Republican if he won the Democratic Nomination. His appearances on SNL and Futurama have shown he has a sense of humour that people can appreciate, something that Hillary Clinton is still Juggling with. Hillary possesses all the qualities to be a great President, the only problem is Hillary can't seem to shake the Media Houndog biting at her heels. At a Campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa Hillary tried to make a joke by saying she knew how to deal with "Evil, Bad Men", the joke being of course referring to her husband, Former President Bill Clinton. The Only problem was the media didn't get the joke, and for the next several weeks Clinton's comments we're ripped apart. Add to that the fact that in a recent MSNBC poll only 7% of Americans want to know more about Hillary Clinton, and thinks don't looks so good for the former First Lady. Joe Biden also recently committed a phonetic Faux-Pas in referring to Barack Obama as "clean", and he subsequently was also torn apart by the media.

So We've established that Gore has the experience to Edge out Obama and Edwards, and that the Media Vultures are constantly circling Biden and Clinton. That leaves us with a handful of candidates like Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich and Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Vilsack. And who could forget our dear friend and Bill Richardson, seems everyone has forgotten him, with no mention of his announcement on any major news websites. Well, I'm going to support you Bill, because as much as i hope he will run it seems Al Gore is content on focusing on Enviormental Issues for the rest of his life. The nail in the coffin was Gore's comment to The Associated Press last week "I am not planning to run for President Again". Of course he followed it with "Then Again, i haven't completely ruled it out".


To Be Continued in "Gore vs The Republicans"

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